Anonymous asked: what is real love? how do you know that you really love someone, that it's true and deep love. not just having a crush on someone, not the "seeing things through the rose-coloured glasses"-thing, really LOVE someone, know that you can build up life with this one person and no one else?


you can get over a crush any minute & have a crush on someone new within seconds a crush is a desirable infatuation feeling that wears off once you lose interest for any reason you don’t have real feelings for a crush, i know this is cliche but its the best way to explain it in my opinion,  love is a drug & its literally the strongest stuff ever you’ll know when you’re in love you can feel it through every inch of you, real love have no depth you’re never quite free from true love it stays with you & you hope the person you love does to, real love doesn’t come & go real love is consistent that’s how you know its genuine. When you love someone you see them & only them, no one else. You don’t desire other people you might find someone attractive but no part of you want them, you can’t get over that person not that easily at least, they’re the only person you want to be around all day you never grow tired of their company its always just better when they’re there even if you two don’t fill the silence, you’re content with simply knowing they are present & get sad when they have to go, they’re the person you wanna fall asleep next to at night & wake up to in the morning they’re the person you constantly think about & ways to make them happy, They’re the person you wanna do everything for, even when its something you told yourself you’ll never do or try, love have the power to make you do it & at the time feel good about it because making the person you love happy makes you happy, the person you love have the ability to make you feel every human emotion possible within minutes with their words or actions, when you love someone you don’t care what everyone else think they don’t see what you see when you love someone you see potential in that person & you see the good in even the bad situations, when you have a crush on someone you tend to make scenarios in your head of what you would do if you had a chance with them, when you love someone you plan out a future for the both of you & work toward it together you want to live the rest of your life with this person, real love is never perfect, going through & getting through things is what makes the relationship & love stronger, true love will never give up on you, when you & the person you love are going through something the pain is unbearable you constantly worry & fear the outcome of the situation but real love is reliable real love is loyal real love unconditional, you really know how much you love someone when the both of you break up you cry for days you’re heart literally aches you feel like the world is over, you don’t want to do anything, you don’t wanna talk to anyone everything is just black & gray & even once you’re no longer in a relationship with that person you still have love for that person, you wish them the best & you still look out for them….i can go on & on about what real love feel like but you should get it by now lol

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